How To Vote



  • May 7, 2018 - Vote By Mail begins (Vote By Mail ballots must be postmarked by Election Day June 5th, or turned in at any polling place on Election Day, or dropped off at a designated drop off location)
  • Monday May 21 by midnight - Voter registration to vote in this election ends - Click here to register quick and easy online
  • Tuesday May 29 by midnight - Applications to receive a Vote By Mail ballot for this election ends - Click here to apply online
  • Tuesday June 5 - Election Day! (polls open at 7am and close at 8pm) - Click here to find your polling place



  • CHECK REGISTRATION STATUS: Not sure if you're already registered to vote? Click here to check online in seconds
  • REGISTER TO VOTE: Not yet registered to vote? Click here to register quick and easy online (deadline to be able to vote in this election: May 21 by midnight)
  • REGISTER TO VOTE BY MAIL ONE-TIME: Want to Vote By Mail one-time for this election only? Click here to quickly apply online, or click here for the simple paper application to mail in (deadline: May 29 by midnight)
  • REGISTER TO VOTE BY MAIL PERMANENTLY: Want to permanently Vote By Mail for all elections? Click here for the simple application
  • CHECK VOTE BY MAIL STATUS: Want to check your Vote By Mail status? Click here to check online
  • POLLING PLACE: Not sure where to vote in person? Click here to find your polling place
  • EARLY POLL VOTING: Want to vote in person early on the weekend before Election Day? Click here for early voting locations (available on Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3)
  • DROP OFF: Want to drop off your Vote By Mail ballot instead of mailing it in? Click here for drop off locations
  • SAMPLE BALLOT: Want to view your Sample Ballot? Click here to view it online
  • PROVISIONAL VOTING: Want to learn more about Provisional voting? Click here to read about it online
  • PROVISIONAL BALLOT STATUS: Want to check the status of your Provisional ballot? Click here to check online



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