this june 5th,

Vote YES on BH

Building a brighter future!

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Vote YES on BH

Safeguarding our students and teachers, and enhancing the quality of public education in Beverly Hills is the smartest investment our community can make.

This June 5th vote YES on Measure BH to build a brighter future for our children!

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BHUSD students and teachers

Measure BH makes critical upgrades and repairs to aging schools, dramatically enhances the safety and security of our students and teachers, provides 21st century technology and resources, and remediates and repurposes the Beverly Hills High School oil field.


funding for all 5 bhusd schools

Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Vista, El Rodeo, Hawthorne, and Horace Mann all directly benefit from Measure BH funds.


one community

The City of Beverly Hills and BHUSD work together as one to provide residents with ample recreation and green space at BHUSD sites. Measure BH enables our schools to further enhance their facilities so that local organizations like AYSO, BH Little League, and Theatre 40 have a home for camps, sports, plays, and more.

Pillars of Measure BH


MAKES critical upgrades AND REPAIRS

Measure BH provides the funds required for the critical second phase of Beverly Hills Unified School District’s modernization program. Learn more


dramatically enhances safety and security

Measure BH dramatically enhances the safety and security systems and infrastructure at Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Vista School, El Rodeo School, Hawthorne School, and Horace Mann School. Learn more

provides 21st century Technology and resources

Measure BH provides the most advanced technology needed to prepare our students for the enormous career challenges facing them in the 21st century. Learn more


remediates and repurposes the oil field

Measure BH funds the final phase of the BHUSD Oil Well Remediation Plan to restore the Beverly Hills High School oil field and repurpose it as open field space for students and the community. Learn more

Dr. michael bregy, Beverly hills unified school district superintendent

"One of the many great things about Measure BH is that it will directly impact and enhance the learning environment for every student in the district at every school."